Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I really want to add an exclamation mark after the title 'Bureaucracy' but the damn word is such that it doesn't go with such a punctuation. It is there in all our lives at the back, sometime at the front. It is rock solid and seems like it was there since eternity and nothing can be done about it. THIS PROTOCOL whatever little small thing that you'll follow ranging from say buying a ticket when you travel in a bus to withdrawing money in a bank to buying a book in a shop. Its been a call made from a leader's position in a society and the society abides by it by all means. To be illustrative, I'll take the example of something like a social security number or our own, Unique Identity Number. You all know what it is, right? One day it might just be the reason you'll have food. Say you forget your number; Sorry dear, no number -- no dinner.

This bureaucracy, I was never comfortable with it. As a child and now as an adult. But it is a time tested formula for harmonious existence of community. It is probably there because there aren't any alternatives for it! And seriously with all the revolutions we are facing or being a part of; like the information technology and humanized or human centered process that seems to have took off in this millennium, CAN'T WE HUMANS, WE - THE FOREFRONT OF NATURE'S DESIGN AND MANIFESTATION, can't we figure out a better paradigm in place of this bureaucracy??

All I see, the result of this age old probably redundant (yes, i'm daring to call it :) ) system, is vast consumption of media like the paper. Paper which has patterns on it, like text, symbols and seals, all of it ending up in a Bureau!!

Data or Data Sets which define reality, facts,numbers, references, IDs, etc. that keep adding to the ocean we can call 'Bureau + crazy', led me to think
"okay, what is the advantage of it?"
It is definitely, as now, is what's making the world go around. The question that followed was "Whats bureaucracy causing?"
Solution >> 'We are creating boundaries of varied thickness, varied strengths and cut off lines', 'This is my place and that's yours', 'I wan't you to stay right there Mr.'

Okay, now that I've ranted so much about this bug that got into my mind. I shall go on share with you where this frenzy took me..

take a look here :

Make sure you have the latest flash player. Do let me know what you think because its an idea as old as a decade or more. I dont see it up anywhere. Its quite simple. Anyone can conjure up with such a change. A change that will melt down a small extent -- this Self rigidifying society we have today (It calls itself the Urban environment). The system, public and private entities we have in out cities, town, villages all work to stay discrete and make discrete. They don't fill up gaps in our world but tend to add to them. Nothing mixes here and there. I believe, once it does start mixing, will it make more sense to all facets of our living. The existence of bureaucracy will definitely taste sweeter then.

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